Best in Business Awards 2009

The Best in Business Awards for 2009 were presented to Cathy Cordova and Faye Greenwade. The recipients were presented with an engraved plaque and a check for $500 at the Spring 2009 Committee of Senior Business Administrator (CSBA) workshop. The awards, established by CSBA in 1999 to recognize and reward superior service by Texas A&M staff members in business-related positions, are presented each spring to a classified staff member and a non-classified staff member for their distinguished contributions to business operations at the university. Cordova and Greenwade were both cited for their work excellence, professionalism and dedication to their co-workers, the faculty, and students.

James Laired, CSBA Chair (left) and Faye Greenwade

James Laired, CSBA Chair (left) and Cathy Cordova