CSBA Administrative By-Laws






CSBA shall be structured to effectively facilitate the accomplishment of its stated mission by utilizing standing sub-committees as focused working groups and a cadre of elected officers to coordinate the resultant activities and programs of the sub-committees and CSBA as a whole.


CSBA Officers shall include a Chair, Chair-Elect, Communications Coordinator, Secretary, and Treasurer. Normal term of office for all positions shall be one fiscal year beginning September 1 through August 31 of the succeeding year except for the Chair-Elect whose officer term shall be two fiscal years serving one year as Chair-Elect and the succeeding year as Chair. With the exception of the Chair and Chair-Elect, officers may serve more than one term, but must be nominated and elected each fiscal year. Annual elections shall be held each April and newly elected officers shall begin training with outgoing officers and participate in transitioning within their respective new committee assignments as of June 1.

The Chair's primary responsibilities are to: (1) provide leadership and vision for CSBA; (2) facilitate monthly meetings; (3) serve as Chair of the Executive Sub-committee; (4) serve as official spokesperson for CSBA and approve official communications from the group to external community; and (5) represent CSBA in the larger university and higher education business administrators' community.

The Chair-Elect shall: (1) perform Chair duties as needed in the absence of the Chair, (2) coordinate monthly meeting logistics; (3) serve as a member of Executive Sub-committee; (4) represent CSBA externally in absence of Chair or as delegated by Chair; and (5) serve as Chair in the year following election to the Chair Elect position.

The Communications Coordinator shall: (1) oversee CSBA communications protocols to include Biznet, CSBA website, press release materials, etc.; (2) ensure effective internal and external CSBA communication; and (3) serve as a member of Executive Sub-committee.

The Secretary shall: (1) compile and maintain historical records of CSBA membership, activities, and programs; (2) ensure minutes of monthly meetings are recorded and facilitate the distribution and electronic minute approval process in timely manner; and (3) serve as a member of the Executive Sub-committee.

The Treasurer shall: (1) maintain fiscal account(s) as needed for CSBA transactions; (2) ensure the appropriate and efficient handling of CSBA's financial resources, maintain financial records, and process financial transactions; (3) provide a monthly financial report to CSBA; (4) oversee all fiscal activities in coordination with standing sub-committees; and (5) serve as a member of Executive Sub-committee.


Standing sub-committees shall be established and disbanded by majority vote of CSBA membership. Normal term for sub-committee chairs will be one fiscal year beginning September 1 through August 31 of the succeeding year. Chairs, with the exception of Executive Sub-committee Chair, may serve more than one term, but will be elected by their respective sub-committees each year or in the case of the Communications Coordinator or the Treasurer, be elected to the office/position for more than one term. Sub-committee chairs will be responsible for official communications between the respective sub-committee and the Executive Sub-committee.

Current standing sub-committees shall include an Executive/Steering Sub-committee, a Professional Development Sub-committee, and a Compliance Awareness Sub-committee. Each sub-committee shall be charged with ensuring a specific aspect of CSBA operations. Ad-hoc sub-committees, or task forces may also be formed to address specific issues either within standing sub-committees as approved by the respective sub-committee chair or from CSBA as a whole as appointed and charged by the CSBA Chair.

The Executive/Steering Sub-committee shall ensure overall CSBA group cohesiveness and the validity and attainment of collective group goals. The membership shall consist of the elected officers and two to three at-large CSBA members appointed by the Chair. This sub-committee shall ensure active member participation, document CSBA activities and programs, coordinate the call for officer nominations, and conduct the election of officers.

The Professional Development Programs Sub-committee shall ensure professional development opportunities for TAMU business personnel at all levels and oversee the CSBA "Best in Business Award" program.

The Compliance Awareness Sub-committee shall stay abreast of newly developed and revised policy and rules and will analyze and communicate issues/changes that specifically impact the business and administrative community of the university.


CSBA members shall be individually responsible for providing the overall business leadership to the respective unit they represent. This responsibility shall include active participation in CSBA activities, the timely dissemination of business related information to and from the unit, and the fostering of effective business related communications and practices within the unit.

CSBA members are expected to attend the regularly scheduled monthly meetings and to actively participate in at least one standing sub-committee, ad-hoc sub-committee or task force. Members who are unable to attend a monthly meeting are encouraged to send a substitute in their place that will effectively represent their respective unit. Members shall serve as the designated "conduit" for the flow of vital business related information to and from their respective unit and CSBA.

The Executive/Steering Sub-committee shall periodically review the representation of CSBA across the university and will make recommendations for potential changes as necessary.


Meetings of CSBA will normally be held on a monthly basis on the third Wednesday of each month. Standing sub-committees of CSBA will meet as needed to accomplish respective sub-committee objectives and will report their progress at the monthly meetings. A quorum, defined as two-thirds of the current membership, must be present for any meeting in which a full CSBA vote is required.


Regular actions submitted for full CSBA discussion and approval shall be adopted upon majority vote of the membership or a quorum majority if less than full membership is available for vote.


Revised July 16, 2008